Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums

Step one:

Choose a size! Spreads are basically two pages opened, left side and right side of book equal one spread.

My personal recommendation would be 12x8 with additional spreads. Personally I think longer pages by shorter hight look best such as the 7x5, 9x6, 10x8. and 12x8. Deffinitly up to you though!

Step two:

Customize! Choose your cover. See below for examples.

Custom foil stamping with name, date etc can be added to Bonded Leather and Faux Leather only at no extra charge.

Personal recommendation would be a bonded or faux leather. Looks super classy, timeless and pretty!

Step three:

Choose your images! When choosing images go to your online gallery and click an image youd like, in the right hand top corner click the heart. Use an email specifically for the book, it can even be "" its basically is just creating your list under this name so I can see. If you ever leave and come back click the top heart on your gallery to log in with the email the list is created under and your favorites will show up. The top heart at the top of your gallery will also show you all of your favorites so far so you can easily see the images and remove if you choose. See example below of the heart to look for.

Personally recommendations less is more when choosing images. Find your favorites and try to avoid images that are too similar. Ideas for books could be just formal images, keep it sweet and simple and have a book of your favorite formal photos. On the other hand, you can tell your entire story and start from the beginning and end with dancing! With this option again be mindful of images not choosing too many but choosing the ones that hold a special place in your heart from the day! I can also help choose images too if youd like to leave that up to me.

Please note, sales tax and shipping charges vary and are not included in above prices.