About Me

Hello! First off, thank you so much for checking out my website and wanting to learn about me. My names Erica I'm 28 years old and I am the owner behind Soulscape Photography. Some of my favorite things are cats, I have three of them, I love tea (with extra sugar of course!), reading, I could watch sunsets from a flower field every night in summer, laughing is my favorite thing to do and of course photography. I got my first camera at 16, shot my first wedding at 18 and have been pushing myself to grown and learn ever since. People would say I probably take way to many photos of everything in my life but I think holding onto memories through photos is one of the most beautiful things we can do and I love that I can capture memories for others to look at years and years down the line. To me that's worth everything.

My main goal with my photography is to make all my clients feel confident and beautiful in everyway when they see their photos. As someone who isn't to fond myself of being photographed I strive to make every session fun, guided and laid back so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Photography has always been my escape, when I'm behind the camera nothing else matters. Even on my worst days I've found comfort behind the camera and that's where I found the name Soulscape. I hope you can also find an escape during our session where your able to feel free and express yourself in your most beautiful and natural self.

I cant wait to get to know you!

Here's a little insight into my life because I could talk about myself all I wanted but a pictures with a thousands words.

This is me and my boyfriend, this is also one of my absolute favorite photos.

This is Axle, my kitten who I found outside on my car tire one night and took in. We became best friends instantly

Fiona is my sweet girl, shes very sassy and independent but so lovable. The perfect mix.

Abby is my sweetest girl, she's huge and hard to hold, she also loves to eat grass and meows all the time its the best.

My ADORABLE niece who I'm obsessed with!

My nephew who is my best little bud. Hes grown to hate all the photos I take of him but will smile for some candy of course!